Pulling Guard

Yep,  it’s one of those days where I do the annoying double-post. Deal.

If you haven’t read the Jiu Jitsu Lab breakdown of the Pans which included a discussion about the direction BJJ is taking, you should check it out. It’s a good read.

There are a lot of issues to talk about there: the failings of the IBJJF, how hard being a referee is, or this whole conversation about stalling. I’ll keep it short and sweet: I have a ton of opinions about stalling, rule sets, and reffing. I agree that the IBJJF rules get in the way of BJJ in the same way the IJF rules get in the way of playing judo, but I see solutions in taking your ball and finding a court whose rules you agree with (or heaven forbid rounding up everyone who agrees with you and running your own tournaments with rules that don’t get in the way).

Always remember that this evolution is not a series of random genetic mutations which an environment favors. The rules and the way the system works are conscious decisions of individual people. The hands that shape this evolution are not invisible. We can directly control the way BJJ is evolving not only by making adaptations ourselves and upping our games, but by controlling the environment those games grow in.


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