One New Student Per Week

We got a new student yesterday. A man by the name of Pat. No previous martial arts experience. I had forgotten how painful the first night of BJJ is. That first night, when you don’t know how you should be based or where to grab. We must have made everything seem so easy. Every technique works the first time we do it and we know where our arms, legs, hips, and heads go without thinking. In a couple of weeks he’ll be fine. People learn it quickly enough. It just takes sticking it out.

As we were leaving there was like 5 kids who said hi to Wade and picked up fliers. I hope that means the kids class will be booming.

During the week (until classes get bigger) we’ll be upstairs, but Saturdays we’ll have the awesome room. There’s really no other term for the room. It has everything a combative athlete could want in a practice room. There’s also a weight room upstairs it turns out. I may have to see how much normal membership is to be able to lift after classes…


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