First Day in the Good Room

I got to class 15 minutes early to play on some of the equipment that I’ve now gained access to. It turns out Lodi was a former Monkey Bar Gym so they have all kinds of great bodyweight tools. I flipped the tractor tire up and practiced shots against it. I got up on the gymnastics rings and practiced flying attacks. I threw a belt over the chinning bar and practiced flying entrances and wall climbs. I even did some ab roll-outs (a lot more difficult than I was expecting). Playing with the drills that I used to do to be known for my flying attacks pointed out the areas I really need to work. Luckily, I have all of the equipment (except for a set of weights) to make it happen. My current short-term goal is to work up to the strength for an iron cross on the rings. I’m told it’s pretty hard so we’ll see how close I can get. I also want to be able to do proper ring pull-ups (and hopefully someday muscle-ups on the rings). Rings make the exercises a lot harder. I can pound out dips sets of 8 at a time. I can’t even do 1 ring dip because I don’t have the right stabilizing muscles.

The group that shows is small – some of the Madison people bailed and a lot of the Lodi/Portage people that said they would start coming down haven’t showed yet. I’m still very privileged to work with the guy who got his black belt at the youngest age and in the shortest amount of time in Wisconsin. I just wish more people in the area realized how cool that is. Maybe we can get some of the members who kickbox in the facility to come do some BJJ.


2 thoughts on “First Day in the Good Room

  1. Here in HK, we face a lot of problems as far as attracting new members are concerned, and we’ve gotten pretty creative about it… one thing that we’ve found helps a LOT is to offer deals on sites like Groupon. If your gym leader is down for it, try that. It really helps get people in the door.

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