First Night

So the first night in Lodi…

It didn’t go as expected. Instead of the sweet new room we got an overly warm room upstairs. Things are going to get sorted out, but apparently there’s a group that does kickboxing in the same space at the same time. Shit happens.

We did do guard pass drills (though only from half-guard), but it still helped. I’m getting better at immediate reaction. My natural inclination to go for leg-locks from half-guard is getting me into an interesting guard position to try to sweep from. For clarification, I’m not trying to finish the leg-lock. I’ve been using my leg-locks to set up passes and sweeps instead. Bottom half-guard to knee-bar, switch the figure-four to a waiter sweep. Top half-guard to knee-bar, spin to side control.

Playing the odd positions and using submissions to take position has been good. It’s not going to win me any fights, but it lets me explore the game more. It’s the same concept as refusing to use wrestling at judo. If I want to train to win matches I shouldn’t care about learning BJJ or judo, just dominating. I should work my leg-locks in BJJ. I should work my wrestling judo. Being a recreational player means I have the opportunity to learn judo instead of just supplementing my grappling by out-wrestling smaller judoka. It means I have the opportunity to take my knee-bar and let them out of it to see what I would do if someone escaped or I missed it.

To be honest I think that’s where the conflict with the one judo coach stems. He emphasizes judo for competition a lot. I don’t train to compete. I compete to see how far my training has come. If you train for competition you will do well in competition. If you compete for training you’ll walk away learning something win or lose. I’m much happier as a recreational player. I have no interest in going pro.


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