Everybody’s Working For the Weekend

This was a massive weekend for me.

So Friday I go to The Faith Hills Have Eyes and I’m helping them move equipment in. Apparently the bass amp is a job for two people but I misunderstood that so when I was told “if we could get it down here we can wheel it” I walked over picked it up, carried it to where they wanted it, and then wheeled it. “My hobbies include lifting 300-lb. Russian men.”

Saturday was a great day of jiu-jitsu if not miserable physically. I didn’t sleep well or long enough Friday night due to a gaggle of giggling girlies for Beth’s bachelorette bash. Ken visited from Portage so I had another blue to roll with. It’s a challenge because on one hand I’m able to dominate from my positions, but on the other he can dominate from his so it’s a fight to our favorite positions more than anything. Then we moved the mats…

Wade has two mats. The smaller one is probably about 400 lb. while the larger is definitely over 500. There’s no practical way to move it with a third person so two people hoist the mat while a third opens doors for you. It was brutal to say the least. It was also abso-fucking-lutely worth it. The new location in Lodi is p-sweet. We’re in what was apparently an indoor batting cage that has been converted to a general workout area. We have mats, a nice big tractor tire, a chinning bar, gymnastics rings, and a full set of kettlebells going up to 44kg (2.75 pood). Yes, a chinning bar AND gymnastics rings. What has two thumbs and is going to work flying triangles? This guy. The space is packed with other features and my mere memory can’t aptly do justice, but aside from the distance from me (the previous gym was 5 minutes from my apartment) this is an improvement in every way. Did I mention all this sweet stuff came at a reduction in rent so the class fees dropped significantly?

Sunday we may have very well found our house. I say this only because if it is the case I will be posting less frequently and won’t be grappling as much while we move.


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