Donn Draeger

I ran into Dan over lunch and stopped to ask about Monkey Bar’s judo program closing down. He confirmed it was and everyone was pretty much going to go to Anders’ class if they wished to continue judo practice. The only members with ranks high enough to teach already come to Madison Judo as is.

The the topic diverged to Donn Draeger. Dan asked if Anders was still teaching jujitsu. I said I didn’t believe so, the only people interested would be Tanner and I, and each of us had higher kyu levels in it so it’s never really come up. The differences between judo and jujitsu are a much better discussion than those between BJJ and judo. BJJ is the spawn of judo. There are differences in style, but the differences in practice and application are almost non-existant. Judo is the spawn of a few schools of jujitsu. Jujitsu existed much longer before judo than judo had existed before BJJ.

The long and short – Dan’s going to lend me a book which makes a case for kata being better for self-defense practice than randori. It’s an odd way of thinking to me so it will be interesting to see the case made. I had never really heard of Donn Draeger, but he’s a Wisconsonite and one of the more influential American judo black belts. I hope to have something to put up after I read the book.


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