Private Lessons

Wade doesn’t have a lot of students recently. I know my schedule got super iffy when everything went to Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday because I’ve been busy with wedding stuff, work, illness, and of course judo is on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sacrifices.

I haven’t seen the other students in awhile though. I’m not sure if it’s just work schedules or what, but lately it’s just been Wade and I. On one hand it’s nice because I’m pretty much getting private lesson every week. On the other hand, I really miss variety. Wade’s a good instructor, but he can’t change his height, weight, or background any more than I can. I’m not considering changing schools. Wade is a solid black belt. If I have a certain way I do a submission he’ll help me improve it instead of trying to completely change how I already go for it. He’s not going to change how I grip for arm-bars. He’s not going to tell me that kuzure kesa is right and traditional kesa is wrong. He’s open and honest. He’s always willing to show me how he does something, but if I can explain why I’m doing something a certain way, he’s totally cool with playing with it before disregarding it. He does disregard what doesn’t work though. That’s still important.

I’m lucky to have such a good friend and instructor for BJJ. I just wish we had a few more people to get some variety in with rolling. April 1 is the move to Lodi. I’m hoping more people from Portage show up and that the new schedule lets me train more. The hardest part about being in a new school in an area where there are five other schools is that the area is pretty much saturated for membership unless you can start attracting people who didn’t even know BJJ existed. On the west side alone we have Next Level (MCMBJJA), The Blast (MCMBJJA), and Trowbridge (GJJ). Not to mention Monkey Bar (LCCT), Twisted Fitness (Alliance), and Badgerland in the downtown and east-side area. What also seems to hurt is that most of the people who seem to want to learn BJJ either just want to be UFC fighters or are students (or both – fucking Bros). All of them seem to be downtown.

Judo is simpler: there are two clubs, Madison Judo and Monkey Bar, and both are downtown. Advertising is as simple as having a website and putting up posters on campus.


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