Sometimes Nothing Will Go Your Way

I’m sick. Not contagious, but still sick. Bad enough that my equilibrium’s pretty jacked and I’m having difficultly breathing. I’m pretty sure 20 minutes of judo would kill me at this point, especially with the people that have been there lately. So I’m taking tonight off. Well, let’s be honest, I’m taking the week off. It’s a bit rough because I know that come April 29 I will not see tatami for two to three months so I feel like I should be going more, but at the same time, I’m not entirely sure I’m going to miss judo during the hiatus, especially if I end up able to do BJJ over that period.

I’m looking at buying a couple of new gi’s. My current ones suit me pretty well, but I don’t really have a judo gi other than my competition ones so I’d like to get a nice little $50 judo gi that will last a couple of years for practice. I’d also like a new BJJ gi because the jacket on one of my favorites finally gave out. There’s a problem though: I can’t find a BJJ gi I like in my size. Sirius is out of business. Killer Bee doesn’t have any A2’s left. The new Fushida is too expensive and I don’t really care for how the jacket looks.

With a bit of luck in 6 months I’ll have a house (with my own mat and flooring system in the basement), a couple of new gi’s, and be back to training like normal. For now I have stress, a sinus headache, and the need to call Christo to see if I can get a Komodo jacket with CompGS pants.


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