You know that new guard you wanted to try, but then you played it and got smashed? Throws are like that too. Tonight I tried foot sweeps to the exclusion of out wrestling people. They don’t work on wrestlers.

In judo the easiest way to beat a wrestler is to let them disqualify themselves. Since leg grabs aren’t allowed they can’t shoot. If they don’t try to throw from a wrestling position they get penalized for overly defensive posture. You can win in 20 seconds by attacking them well enough that they stay in a wrestling posture. Likewise you can bait a leg out. Hansoku make.

Class isn’t like that though. People play defense. People with wrestling backgrounds get in wrestling stances. There aren’t referees.

The solution is simple: games.

Collar and elbow is an old style of wrestling from Ireland and America. You take the normal grip (lapel and sleeve) you can’t let it go. This gets rid of almost ever throw except a couple of hip throws, morote seoi nage, and foot sweeps. Playing with these rules forces you to learn foot sweeps and forces your opponent to not defend. Since they can’t break grips they can’t keep you from penetrating. It’s a bit contrived, but after awhile I hope I can carry the skills of timing and technique over to make it work on a wrestling stance. Gotta walk before you can run.


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