“Dirty Jiu-Jitsu”

I’m trying to corral Tanner into going to BJJ or catching some time at judo to video some of my/our favorite wrist locks. This was easier in college when we had open mat time (and when we were teaching on those days). I’ve spent some time thinking, and I’d like to video some of the better “bottom-drawer” techniques too.

Mark taught us a lot of brutal things to do to a person. Among the worst submissions I was shown were toe holds, heel hooks, neck cranks, spine locks, and the use of pressure points while grappling. When I think “dirty jiu-jitsu” I don’t really think wrist-locks. I think finger-locks to break grips, neck cranks from chokes, and other questionably legal maneuvers.

Finger-locking Good: Have your partner grab a lapel grip with his right hand. Grab his right wrist with your left hand (so that he can’t pull it away – for now). Grab “your collar” such that your palm is at the base of the second knuckle of his fingers (like you’re S-gripping him) and then slide your fingers over the tips of his. Squeeze. This puts a lot of compression directly into the first knuckle of all four fingers. I can close a 200-lb. hand gripper so I assume it’s probably somewhere on the order of 200-lbs pushing directly into that joint. It’s not pleasant, it’s not strictly legal, but no ref is going to see it, and in general they will try to let go of your lapel, use that wrist grip to force their hand down and take your Russian-tie/Arm-drag/what-have-you. That is dirty jiu jitsu.

Neck Crank: All I can ever think of with this one is ripping a stubborn cork out of a bottle of wine. Take your partner’s back with the seat-belt control (over-unders for those of us who don’t need metaphorical names). You go for an RNC, but their chin is just too far down, their hands are protecting their neck, boooooooooooo! Do the RNC to their face. You don’t have to pinch hard, you’re just trying to get a nice pinch on the head for what’s about to happen. Lifting your elbow, turn their head with this arm (towards the side the arm is… right arm choking? twist their head right). This does two things:

  1. Their chin rises up for you to get the choke you really wanted.
  2. It is a neck crank. You could just keep twisting here in no-gi to finish.

Bridge and Roll: Everyone probably knows the bridge and roll or “umpa” escape from mount. Your partner has mounted you. You grab their back to hold them from simply riding out the bridge, pop them forward, trap the arm, and roll. Our variant has couple of notable differences. Lift your arm. Do it. Take one or two fingers on your other hand and starting at your arm pit push in. Move down and keep pushing. You should find a very painful spot 1-2 ribs below your armpit. Money. So you have your hands on their side with your fingers on their lats so they can’t just hip in and lean back. Your thumbs go into that painful spot. Squeeze to put some pressure there and bump hard. If you’ve hit it right your partner will have to base out farther than normal. You shouldn’t be able to reach their arm to grab it if you’ve bumped hard enough and applied enough push into the ribs. Doesn’t matter. Just roll. For added effect you can push them harder to one side than the other to make them base out at a funny angle then roll into the gap you’ve created where there is no base. It’s not as technically sound as trapping the arm, but damn if it doesn’t work.


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