Twenty Times Better

Over the last four years (well, let’s call it five, it will be soon enough) I’ve found my throws. Last night I nailed a cross-grip tai otoshi that felt just right. When you land a perfect or near perfect throw, you feel it. Junior commented it was “20 times better” than my throws have been recently. He even noted that I should do that throw as my first attempt at my next tournament. It’s nice when the black belts give you advice about which throws are competition grade.

The problem with knowing my throws is that I also know the exact number of throws I don’t know well enough yet. I have a veritable library of judo, wrestling, and BJJ books on topics from strategy to technique to history. I have an exact list of all of the throws recognized in judo, I can name and describe them, even demonstrate most of them, but there’s still this 1/3 or so of the list that I don’t think I could do without further instruction. I know people’s throws change as they grow. I guess I’m more nervous about kata than anything. Side note: we’re doing nage no kata. To me, knowing the whole kata is part of brown belt. Being able to do it well is what you work on for black. It’s nice to go through. Relaxing even. I’ve found my uchi mata has gotten much better since starting it. I’m comfortable with the hand, hip, and sacrifice throws in the kata. Now if only I didn’t suck at the foot sweeps…


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